Digital Ideas – Scrapbooking Your Child’s Artwork

The beautiful drawing, paintings and other works of art are such a special part of the preschool and school years. At times there is such an abundance of huge paint covered papers, it is difficult to remember that eventually, our children will stop producing mini-masterpieces. You probably have a few favourites, and here I will give you two ideas for including them in digital scrapbooks and photobooks.Photograph it: I know it seems obvious. But i don’ t mean simply putting it on the table and taking a flash flooded snap. Do it properly. Go outside for some natural light. Lay the paper down on the ground, and then carefully stand on a chair above it. Aim your camera down, but check for intruding toes! Try to avoid direct sunlight, as white paper will reflect too much light and over expose your photo. This method is great if you want to extract your photo or turn it into a background image. If you want to use your photo as, well, a photo, then try to think of interesting ways of presenting it. if your kids have an easel, put it up on that, or add it to the fridge. My favourite way to photograph child artwork is to take a photo of your child holding up their creation. Not only does it create a more personal photo (perfect for sending to grandparents), your child will love having the chance to show off their art work.Scan it: Most paintings will not fit into a home scanner. In this case, scan the painting or picture in small parts, and then use a stitch programme to put it all together. I use Photoshop for this, but there are free ones available. The benefit of a scan over a photo is that often the colours are more accurate and there is more detail. Also, if your scanner has the setting you can scan the resolution quite high. i always scan at 1200 dots per inch, but 300 is usually fine. I scan at the highest resolution possible to that I can turn it into a background paper or a photo matte for a scrapbook page. You can blend, erase edges, add texture- be just as creative as your child was in creating it!

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Social & Economic Impacts of Advertising

In recent times, the word ‘Advertising’ has become a fiercely mooted topic. Advertising has positive as well as negative, social and economic impacts on our society. Considering advertising as a public welfare is a positive social impact whereas exposing women as a sex tool comes at the negative side. As far as economic factors are concerned, funding for the media and stimulating an active and competitive economy, are the major examples.Assorted techniques are enforced for persuading consumers that they want the product which is being advertised. These techniques usually give attention to the benefits that would be brought to the consumers rather than focusing on the actual products. For instance, an automobile advertisement adverting the mechanical attributes of a vehicle, most likely concentrates the exhilaration, reputation and social progression it may bring to the buyer. This swarming advancement is habitually sexual, or involving the opposite gender to attract the consumers with the glamorous women/men’s fancy car.There are various blames that advertising is causing a negative social impact on the lives. The chief unfavorable judgment for advertising is that it hales the public to buy things that they are not their real want. It is arrogated that advertising plays with emotions and encourages people to think that buying and depleting are the activities of life.According to advertisers, they state that people are capable enough to set their mind and no one can force them to buy anything which they dislike or which they think is not a necessity. Advertisers also think that there are positive impacts of advertising on our society and culture. For example, it can be used to generate awareness among the public that which product is OK or to which they should say NO. In other words, advertising also acts as an educator in the sense that it educates people what is good and what is bad for them and puts a ceiling on the harmful products like smoking and drinking etc.There are not only social benefits of advertising, but it also has some economic advantages. Without advertising, the media, including newspapers, television and radio would never be much strong. Advertising provides revenue for commercial mediums which would otherwise need to be funded by the actual consumer of these mediums. So, we can see a major economic infrastructure based around advertising, in which the big companies fund and subsidize the commercial media by the way of advertisements.The major economic negative aspect of advertising is that it boosts the price of goods and services. The source of this contention is that, when organizations subsidize the mass media with advertising, we, the purchaser, subsidize advertising by compensating a grossly increased price for heavily advertised goods and services. An easy example of this is that a box of Omo washing powder generally costs around two to three dollars while the market price of the product would be seven to eight dollars. The fact behind this is that the remaining proportion goes in heavy advertising in television and print media.So, the impact of advertising on our society is in a jumble form, depending on the functions and implementations of numerous campaigns. Our society and the marketing of products depend very badly upon advertising. The companies have become much dependent of advertising that even its negative impacts can never outweigh the many positive social and economic effects.

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Online Local Business Advertising Catching With Tri – Media Advertising

Four to five years ago, local business advertising was considered unprofitable and could not catch up the number of consumer interest compared to TV commercials, radio advertising, and print advertising. These are commonly known as tri-media advertising but a couple of years ago, there was a rapidly growing trend regarding online advertising. Now, more and more customers are learning how to use the internet and use search engines to find out the information that they need.It’s obvious that if you are an internet-based company, your business advertising should be through the internet. The internet’s marketing capabilities are not only for online-based businesses. Even if you have offline services or products, online advertising is also a viable option to generate leads and sales and that is an advantage compared to tri-media advertising. In online local business advertising, most of your customers are middle class and you can be sure that they have buying power. Your only problem is how to convert them as buyers from just being visitors.Tri-media is more of a shot-in-the-dark strategy. It doesn’t consider the social status of customers and can work on any social status. While in online advertising, you should be more targeted on who are your buyers. You need to target the people who are looking for your product or what a particular group of customers are looking for. Here are some comparisons to tri-media:1. Online local business advertising doesn’t need a huge investment. When using tri-media advertising from TV to radio to print you need big investments for a 30-minute ad for just one day. On the other hand, online local business advertising would only need a small amount of funds to get you started. In search engines like Google, you could start right away on a $20 budget a day. Currently Google is the biggest online advertising platform in the net and it is called Adwords.2. In online advertising if your product becomes a hit locally, you can easily scale your business and dominate other territories beyond your demographics. You can even scale your business worldwide, especially if you want to promote you local tourist spot or any travel related business. This is very viable and cost effective.3. The main purpose of marketing and advertising your product or service is for it to be known to your local target customers. However, with online advertising, it does not limit your visitors to just know your brand and products because more valuable information is provided.The only requirement in doing your online local advertising is to have a website that works properly. It should contain your presell articles and relevant quality content for your visitors. In this way, you could build trust to your customers because you add value to them.The author is a local online business advertising & internet marketing specialist located in Sydney, Australia. To find out more on how you could expand your business using the internet visit us at

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